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About Future Thinking Consulting
Catherine S Barton, PhD (C)

MY Future Thinking Masterminds Founder       
International Executive/Leadership Coach  
Organizational Developer/Consultant
Commerce Cultivator Creator
Corporate Trainer

                                                     Mission Statement

Future Thinking Consulting’s mission is to help people and organizations all over the world attain their professional goals and reach their potential while promoting positive social change
We've been known to double client's incomes in 6 months...if that doesn't sound good to you- then you probably don't want to hire us

     I have successfully completed all of my PhD coursework in Organizational Psychology and am currently a PhD Candidate working on my dissertation concerning American expat retention. Everything that I suggest to a client is based on scientifically backed procedures to ensure we do not waste time on trends and focus on true progress. I was the top finalist in a United Nations Challenge out of 500 international challengers. I am certified on how to respect research participants and will use this knowledge when working in any organization. I am a published author, entrepreneur, a free-thinker with a creative mind. I love this field and want to be a significant contributor to the knowledge base.  I will conduct myself in a professional manner using ethical behavior. 

      I have established a global presence by increasing my international clientele. I pride myself on being available for my clients compared to the average consultant. If you want to attain a level of success that surpasses your competitors, I am your consultant. 

(321) 506 - 3213
Top United Nations
International Finalist

Multifaceted Challenge Solution Developer