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MY Future Thinking Masterminds - National Professional Development Groups

    Starting again in January 2019, Future Thinking Consulting's Doctoral Level Consultants will facilitate new groups dedicated to reaching ones potential in business. Catherine Barton, PhD (C) has researched for 3 years the obstacles that professionals face and found 24 hurdles that they experience in the corporate arena. Ms. Barton devised productive ways to overcome these issues by applying science based processes. 
    For 24 months there is a Strategic Training + Peer Advisory + One-on-One Doctorate Level, Confidential Coaching. Monthly fee $450. Training + Advisory is a 2 1/2 hour once a month meeting. All groups will be 4 to 8 members and communication with the coach is strongly encouraged and fee never changes.

It is NOT a political, religious, or gender-bashing meeting. 

24 Strategic Trainings: 
1.Positive Attitudes – Aligning your Mindset
2.Truly Knowing Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses
3.Developing Morning/Evening/Daily Rituals – Create Habits that Grow Your Business
5.Health and Business – Physical and Mental
6.Understanding Your Personality Type and How to Use it Effectively 
7.Building and Rebuilding Your Business Plan – Being Rigid and Flexible
8.Conquering Time Management (GOOO!!! Card)
9.Be BOLD! Embrace Your Bad Ass
10.Leadership – Influencing Others Successfully 
11.Finances – Now and Later
12.Day of Rest 
13.Networking Magnificently and Crushing That First Impression
14.Collaborating – With Everybody
15.Branding the Heck Out of Yourself 
16.Handle Conflict – Dealing With Jerks
17.Look Successful – It’s Not About How Pretty You Are
18.Managing Family and Friends While Growing Your Business 
19.Getting Involved With the Community to Promote Yourself
20.Succession Planning Before the End – How Do You Personally See It?
21.Creativity and How it Boost Your Business
22.Marketing Your Business Like a Pro
23.Never Apologize for Being Successful
24.Your Future – 5 and 10 Year Goals

-New Groups-
Tysons Corner, VA
Frederick, MD
Raleigh, NC
Savannah, GA
Sarasota, FL
Miami, FL

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