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Woman Owned Small Business
Services and Trainings 
At Future Thinking Consulting we take care to provide our clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

If you have any questions concerning services or prices, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will help find the best solutions for you.
We believe everybody is significant and deserves to attain their goals
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MY Future Thinking ~ Serious Business Women Groups
Future Thinking Consulting facilitate groups dedicated to female business women. Catherine Barton, PhD (C) has researched for 2 years the obstacles that women face and found 24 hurdles that they experience in the corporate arena and has applied science based processes to overcome. For 24 months there is a 6 to 9 members group Strategic Training + Peer Advisory + One-on-One Confidential Coaching. There is a monthly fee. It is NOT a political, religious, networking or male-bashing meeting.  
24 Strategic Trainings: 1) Positive Attitudes – Aligning your Mindset, 2) Truly Knowing Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses, 3) Developing Morning/Evening/Daily Rituals – Create Habits that Grow Your Business, 4) Resilience, 5) Health and Business – Physical and Mental, 6) Understanding Your Personality Type and How to Use it Effectively, 7) Building and Rebuilding Your Business Plan – Being Rigid and Flexible, 8) Conquering Time Management, 9) Be BOLD! Embrace Your Bad Ass, 10) Leadership – Influencing Others Successfully, 11) Finances – Now and Later, 12) Day of Rest, 13) Networking Magnificently and Crushing That First Impression, 14) Collaborating – With Everybody, 15) Branding the Heck Out of Yourself, 16) Handle Conflict – Dealing With Jerks, 17) Look Successful – It’s Not About How Pretty You Are, 18) Managing Family and Friends While Growing Your Business, 19) Getting Involved With the Community to Promote Yourself, 20) Succession Planning Before the End – How Do You Personally See It?, 21) Creativity and How it Boost Your Business, 22) Marketing Your Business Like a Pro, 23) Never Apologize for Being Successful, and 24) Your Future – 5 and 10 Year Goals
MY Future Thinking ~ Serious Business Women Groups

International Executive Coaching
I coach organizational leaders who want an edge professionally. I have an advanced degree compared to most coaches and understand how to utilize practices that are based on credible scientific research. I have a global presence on demand. The basic coaching schedule will be as follows: we will meet once a month face-to-face and for the rest of the month I'm reachable by phone, text or email. There's no limit to the number of times the client can contact me. Each client will receive a customized coaching plan that best fits their needs. If a leader requires more face-to-face time, I acclimate to their needs rather than a cookie cutter coaching schedule. This professional relationship will be client-centered. If meeting via Skype is the client's preferred type of communication, I will accommodate. Find out what having somebody in your corner would feel like.

Middle Manager Coaching
Middle managers work within the true operations of the organization. With proper coaching they can influence the production and performance of their subordinates to surpass expectations. I will create an environment where middle managers are provided significant information, resources and support to ensure that their highest capabilities are realized. Our coaching process is unique to any other I have seen because it first concentrates on the manager and then moves toward developing that leader and his/her workforce to best benefit the organization.

Expatriate Expert
I am currently writing my dissertation on expats. Organizations are losing millions of dollars a year because they are not preparing expatriates for their overseas assignments. I will assess, prepare, train and coach the worker while they are abroad to ensure they will remain at their host country. Each individual expatriate and their family will be given access to me throughout the contract and this will build an enduring relationship that connects both countries. This service will benefit the organization, expatriates and both countries involved.

Covert Business Assessing
Companies hire me for a 1 day to 12 week period depending on the number of companies being evaluated. For the 12 week proposal I do continuous travel for 10 weeks. During those 10 weeks I will assess 50 - 150 stores/restaurants/hotels through the eyes of a customer. The last two weeks I will comprise a quantitative report revealing where the organization should and should not concentrate their efforts. The report will compare all the stores/restaurants/hotels owned by the organization. All data collected will remain confidential and secured in a location only I have access.

Promoting Organizational Commitment
When the economy is poor, it is the perfect time to focus on promoting organizational commitment because workers want their company to thrive. I will start by enriching jobs, then aligning organizational objectives with the workforce and finally I will review and give input into the hiring process to ensure it fits the new business goals. 82% of workers believe that their organizational culture has a high impact on the performance of the company.

Managerial Grid Assessing and Training
This is a multi-step process where your managers take a self-assessing questionnaire followed by three development sessions customized to your company. These intensive courses focus on production (planning skills), people (communication skills) and team-building and conflict reduction to attain the ideal organizational state.

Team Building and Conflict Resolution
There WILL be conflict and to prepare prior to a destructive incident is key to organizational success. I will instruct the team members to understand that people think differently and these diverse opinions can actually be built upon to create a resilient group. Staff will learn to resolve their own issues in a professional manner. Innovation is often born out of conflict if handled appropriately. Your team will learn how to generate a balanced work environment by acknowledging the present conflicts, understanding each position clearly, defining acceptable behaviors, and more. Being open-minded during this seminar is essential to its success.

Planning Skills Training (Production Focused)
This program is structured in a way to aid your managers to become more efficient and effective. They will gain knowledge concerning good planning skills and build upon their personal organizational aptitudes. The instructions can easily be applied to the participant's work settings while further fostering their prioritizing proficiencies. The managers will be shown proven techniques to assist them on how to incorporate better focusing strategies. The trainees will leave the practicum with enhanced scheduling abilities, improved leadership skills, SMARTER goal-setting and confidence in their individual talents.

Communication Skills Training (People Focused)
The number one component required to encouraging team collectiveness is trust. This particular seminar will concentrate on building trust and credibility while identifying the importance of methodology and impact. The participants will understand how their actions and words contribute to how the other side of the conversation receives their message. Interpersonal skills will be taught during the day induction that the manager can use to influence their subordinates and peers.

Innovation, Creativity and Empowerment Workshop (ICE)
This training focuses on rejuvenating the individual employee to better prepare them for the work to come. This is for the organization that desires to embrace a future thinking culture. Stressed leaders do not perform at a top-level and benefit by nurturing their careers. A sick workforce needs to not only decompress but they need to re-cultivate their skills to confirm they are prepared for what the organization requires of them so the company vision is realized. ICE will re-motivate managers for future business endeavors. The material is all valid and credible. These types of development trainings are perfect for post-quarter rebuilding when a manager's mindset needs refurbished. Each participant will return to work with their resilience to stress and worry overhauled.
Executive Coaching Bonus Inductions
There are three annual trainings to coincide with a 1 year contract of Executive Coaching. Each day-long development enhancement will focus specifically on hurdles that only executives face. The practicums will be unique to the organization and its objectives to better support and align the executive staff with the mission of the company. Each organization will have its own exclusively devised courses to upsurge the top leadership capabilities. The first induction concentrates on self-awareness and interpersonal relationships, the second deals with listening skills and empathy and the third induction focuses on influencing people and changing their mindsets.